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HWSK Contributors: Amber, Bethany, Jessica
Year 2, Week 24 – Present

We are American women living in Korea because of our husbands’ jobs with the US military.  We are each juggling passels of children (through biology, adoption, and occupation) and figuring out life in a new country.  We have many similarities (aka purchasing fabulous Noonday Collection items from Amber), but have varying view points and skill levels.  We’d like to share how we see Korea while stretching our photography abilities and taking notice of the little things that make our host nation so interesting.

Current Contributors

Jessica – the one who needed the project.
After completing a photo every week for the first year of her youngest daughter’s life, Jessica needed another project!  As year one drew to a close, the addiction was clear.  Yay for year number two!

Amber – the one who encouraged the project.
After listening to Jessica complain about not being able to find a new project, Amber was the brains behind this one.

Bethany – the one who says she’s new to photography and is just learning.
Ha!  Bethany is an awesome photographer and HWSK guest blogger turned weekly contributor.  If this is what she does when she’s just learning, we can’t wait to see where she goes!

Guests – For the second year of How We See Korea, we thought it would be fun to ask more people “how do you see Korea?”  This is how you have all the fun without the commitment!

Former Contributors

Elizabeth – the one we drug along for the ride.
Amber and Jessica are pretty much paying Elizabeth back for making them run a 10k.  😉  Really they just want to get her to use her DSLR!
Weeks 1-40

Cindy – the one who is taking over for Elizabeth after she had to return to the States early.  Boo Elizabeth.  Yay Cindy!
Thank you, Cindy!!  Amber and Jessica shoved Cindy into purchasing Lightroom and figure this is the best way for her to learn it.  We are evil.
Weeks 41 – Year 2 Week 23.

HWSK Contributors: Jessica, Amber, Cindy
Weeks 41 – Year 2, Week 23

HWSK Contributors: Amber, Jessica, Elizabeth
Weeks 1-40

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