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Year 2, Week 2 – Cindy

Korea continues to surprise me. And this week, it was in the form of getting to meet a piece of Americana here inView full post »

Week 16 – Jessica

So continues my obsession with the old and the new living side by side.  This is Dongdaemun, one of the eight gatesView full post »

Year Two, Week Twenty – Cindy

I know I am breaking some HWSK rules, but it can’t be helped. This is one of my all time favoriteView full post »

Week 33 – Jessica

One of my goals this year was to learn how to do HDR photography. There’s a good explanation here, butView full post »

Year Two, Week Eleven—Guest

My husband dislikes the term “date night.” Years ago he said that we would never have one, because weView full post »

Year Two, Week Two—Amber

Sometimes it is not about the photo. When we started this project, part of the reason for the weekly post OFFView full post »

Year Two, Week Seven – Cindy

Have I mentioned how much I love fall in Korea? It’s really everything summer here is not: crisp, mild, sunnyView full post »

Year Two, Week Four – Guest

While walking along the river in Yatap, I stopped to watch this grandmother and grandson feed the ducks. I felt thatView full post »

Year Two, Week Six—Amber

Korea is the perfect place for small businessmen and women. In the US it seems like small businesses are dwindlingView full post »