Week 1 – Elizabeth

So I am the one contributor of this blog for whom the Infamous Rule 5 (“1 in 5 photos may be may be taken on an iPhone”) was implemented. I love my iPhone camera. Sure, I have had a fancy camera for about five years, but I haven’t ever taken the time to learn to use the manual settings. For one, it’s heavy. The thought of taking that black monstrosity off its dusty perch on the family room shelf and toting it around the Korean peninsula makes me shudder.

However, not only have I have spent years admiring Jessica’s and Amber’s fabulous photos, but I am (as Jessica knows) highly susceptible to peer pressure. As a result, I am saying goodbye for now to my super convenient camera phone to embark on a new adventure of camera lugging. That is, of course, after my Week One photo. Last weekend, I went running with a group of friends in the Songtan area, near Buraksan. At our turn-around point on the mountain, there is a woman in a stall cart who sells (what has been described to me as) “fermented vinegar drinks.” This week, I finally remembered to bring along ₩1,000 to try one.

I picked a flavor that, from the picture, might have been either pomegranate or tomato. It ended up tasting like a cross between an energy drink and communion grape juice.

  • André - I really like this picture Elizabeth. Lots of color, and very “authentically” Korean!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - I love this photo. It reminds me of the lady who makes breakfast on the street close to our apartment. The “shudder” pun makes me happy! Shudder. Shutter. Hahahahaha!ReplyCancel

  • Audra - Only 1 in 5 photos can be taken on an iPhone? Totally unfair. 😉

    However, legalism aside, I love your new photography project!ReplyCancel