Week 11 – Jessica

It’s very interesting to me to find shops like this in Korea.

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They seem so western. There are several shops like this in Namdaemun. We wheeled and dealed and came home with 30-ish meters of Christmas lights. I’m pretty excited about not having to run our lights through a transformer. There are so many things that weren’t on our radar when we moved here!

  • Grandma Rita - Remember the time Grandma Bobbie said, about her Christmas decorations: gauche is what I am going for? What I would say about this booth is: gauche is what it is going for!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Ahahaha Grandma Rita! It is true. They met their goal of gauche very well. Most of the decorations I’ve seen here are just that. Over the top. And when they put them all together in one tiny shop like this it is out of control.ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Molly - This looks like the ladies room at my office. (I always say it looks like Christmas threw up in there, but gauche is a nicer way to say it). I’d rather see it on the street than when I’m taking care of business!ReplyCancel