Week 12- Amber

This is often literally how I see Korea- with my trusty iPhone by my side (and for those of you who will notice this- because I KNOW some of you will- no, I have not upgraded to the new operating system yet…). Searching for restaurants online, best places to visit, the bus schedule, subway schedule, meeting up with friends after they text you a pin of their location…it has been a serious help here. The maps feature is perhaps one of the most frequently used tools.

Take today for example. We were experiencing some self-induced car trouble (ahem…caused by the adult male member of our family). Our car was towed by a Korean tow truck to some mystery garage somewhere in the city. At some point, the mechanic called us to say the car was ready and to give me the price. He recommended that I pay in cash…the total amounting to the equivalent of approximately $700. When I asked his location he said to call a taxi and he would tell the taxi driver how to get to the garage. In any other country this would probably seem like a well thought out kidnapping or robbery scheme…convince female to withdraw large amount of cash, tell her to get in taxi, let someone else direct where she is going in a language she doesn’t speak….but in Korea it seems almost logical. The taxi driver dropped me off at the garage, I hopped in my car, drove around the corner and pulled out my trusty iPhone to try to figure out where I was and how to get home. Yup…the iPhone. How I see Korea.

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