Week 13 – Elizabeth

At least three nights a week, I lament the absence of a Whole Foods or FreeBirds to solve my myriad of dinner woes. Vegan-ish in Korea is not the easiest food life, especially for someone who hates to cook and is not fluent in Hangul. (In Korea’s defense, Vegan-ish was also complex in Oklahoma and Alabama.) Fortunately, on those nights, I have a sure and steady Korailand take-out option: Thai 2. It’s name originates from the fact that there was already another Thai restaurant in Songtan when it was established. Fancy, right? The owner is a mysterious international socialite, who always flitting from one southwest Asian country to another to accompany wealthy businessmen on their travels. I think she throws parties for them? We’ve had a few conversations about it, but I have never gotten to the bottom of it. She also regularly flies back to her homeland to pick up the ingredients for her restaurant because she claims it is cheaper than purchasing them on the Korean economy. However, the red chilis in my panang curry look and taste suspiciously similar to the red chili peppers that proliferate the countryside around here. In any event, Thai 2 serves delicious, made-to-order, happy vegan food that reminds me of home . . . in Tucson, Arizona.