Week 14- Amber

I was trying to take a subway photo to document how much I love public transportation in the city, when this Korean woman stole the shot and changed what I am documenting today. The subway train pulled up and as the doors began to open I caught the moment when her face changed from one of passivity at waiting for the doors to open, to the beginnings of a smile and what would turn into a look of delight as she noticed the three American children waiting to board the train. As you may have guessed, Korea is a very ethnically homogenous place. As a result our family attracts a lot of attention and stares, and even quite a few photos. Imagine celebrities in America and you can imagine our life in Korea (though on a much smaller scale). My favorite encounters are often with older women such as the woman above. They are just absolutely delighted to see our children. When we boarded the train this day another woman of a similar age to the one in the photo offered her seat to my youngest and proceeded to oogle over him, give him high fives, and touch his face and cheeks. A different day another grandmotherly woman tried to get my daughter to sit on her lap during the subway ride. It is very different than in the US where I would be concerned for my kids’ safety. Here the people genuinely love children and want to shower them with affection. While it is strange to be the object of so much attention here, I do appreciate that most of it is very positive attention and confirms what I already know, that my kids are indeed super cute (heehee)!

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  • Pete - Amber, you know the Mighty Miss Kate made out like a bandit with the locals, of course T & N kept a close eye on her and interceded when the adoration became too much.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - First time I’ve checked out your blog. Love. It.
    You are so incredibly talented.