Week 14 – Elizabeth

When I was a kid, I loved eating at Denny’s. I loved the hot chocolate with its mound of whipped cream. I loved the 12 different “scramble” dishes that were all essentially the same thing. But most of all, I loved looking at that old school Denny’s menu – the pictures of the food, larger than life, all posted in glorious color in a sticky, skillet-shaped plastic laminate.

Fortunately, though my Denny’s days are long gone, Korea provides an even better pictorial image for the wary diner: the replica plastic food. Whether at E-Mart, the mall food court, or a roadside kiosk in some isolated mountain town, one will generally see the large glass case with the shiny arrangement of freakishly real looking dinner options. Unlike the Denny’s of my youth, however, these plastic replicas actually resemble the food the diner receives.

  • Jessica - Oh, how I love E-Mart! I think my favorite part of this display is the decidedly not Korean chefs in the case.ReplyCancel