Week 15- Amber

One frigid single digits day this week we took a little jaunt over to the Dongdaemun market area. In the middle of one of the markets, Gwangjang, there is a huge area with street food stalls like this one lining the inner alley. People were seated along the counters, eager for something hot to eat on this cold day.  I wish I could take you all here, to feel the energy in the alley, to see the people walking, eating, buying kimchi from street vendors, venturing into the fabric and hanbok shops. It is such a different atmosphere from anywhere I have been in the U.S.

  • Grandma Rita - Not sure if I have been here, but love all of the fabric shops in Korea! Not so fond of the kimchi:(ReplyCancel

  • Trish - I LOVE the Gwangjang Market!ReplyCancel

  • Pete - My last tour at Osan AB was in 1977. There were street venders selling fried squid, shrimp, etc. in paper cones. One of the guys in my squadron bought some one night and discovered the paper cone was made from a copy of his PCS orders.ReplyCancel