Week 17 – Jessica

I’m playing to my advantage with this one.  One of our rules is that photos must be taken off post/base.  Living off post certainly gives me an advantage.  I think I promised somewhere along the way that I would only post two photos of my view during this project, so this is number one.  I’m blaming the freezing temperatures. My desire to go anywhere pretty much evaporates when I see that it’s -2°F outside.  While my Minnesota relatives call this a heat wave, years of living in southern states has made me think otherwise.

This is our view to the east.  You can see the start of Namsan at the right and if the angle were a little wider, you’d also see the Seoul Tower.  I love this view, to say the least, especially in the morning just as the sun is rising.  The city looks so calm, so peaceful.  I get my air quality forecast from this view.  If I can see three lines of mountains in the distance, it’s going to be a crystal clear day, two lines means a nice day, one line means things are going to be okay-ish, and no mountains means we stay inside!

  • Amber - Oh my goodness. This photo is so gorgeous. I can almost forgive you for taking it from your apartment. Are you SURE this is your FIRST photo from there? Ahem, Seoul tower at night, ahem…. 😉 Love your view!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - The Seoul Tower photo was taken from our building, but not our apartment. Yup. Technicality.ReplyCancel