Week 18- Amber

I knew when I moved to Korea that I would be getting an education in Korean culture (duh!). What I didn’t expect was to also have the chance to dip my toes into so many other cultures while here. Like many big cities, Seoul has little niches where people of like cultures tend to congregate- think Chinatown in San Francisco. Last weekend we got to taste a little of Uzbek food (meat, kabobs, meat pastries, meat) at an Uzbek restaurant in what I assume is the Eastern European section of town. We brought even more culture into an already multicultural situation. Koreans, Korean-Americans, a Brit, and Americans all crowded into a tiny Uzbek restaurant in Korea. Gotta love it!

  • christina - ooh, I think I’ve been to the same area,..is it off the dongdemun history and culture park exit right? Good food 🙂ReplyCancel