Week 19 – Elizabeth

And hence comes the portion of my trip in which I set off solo across the Sonoran Desert in a rental car filled to the brim with three kids, two bikes, several tons of car snacks, and innumerable baggage items stuffed into every available crevice. Unfortunately, I left my camera behind in Las Vegas, rendering all future memorializations of the 1,275-mile trip to consist of either (a) blurred iPhone photos of my kids with people they no longer remember even though said people have known them their entire lives or (b) scenic iPhone photos taken primarily from moving vehicles. Since (b) is the only option that even marginally qualifies under the dictatorial rules of this website and because I am at least three weeks behind on posting, I’m going with (b) photos until further notice.

This photo was taken at one of my favorite places in Tucson: Sabino Canyon. Not only are the views stunning, but I have so many happy memories wrapped up in this place.

  • Amber - Ok. Good excuse. We’ll let it slide…. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Audra - This picture makes me want to visit Sabino Canyon, so I think you win. Also, it makes me re-fall in love with the Southwest. So beautiful!ReplyCancel