Week 19 – Jessica

There are several things I’ve discovered while living in Korea that I would like to take back with me to the US.  I realize these things show how incredibly spoiled we are living here, but I can’t imagine life anymore without my toe-kick button to turn the water on in my kitchen sink.  My rain water shower head, central vacuum, cutting board/knife sanitizer, and shoe closets will be sorely missed.  There are just a lot of things Koreans really got right in this building.  I recently found one more thing to add to the list: Norang Coffee & Crafts.  This is a sweet, sweet find.  When you go, the employees help your kids do crafts while you sip coffee and eat delicious food.  I’m not kidding!  Even my 18 month old had a great time.  They have a little play house, tables where she could color, and a huge chalkboard for her to draw on.  In true Korean style they had little slippers for her to wear.  She couldn’t get enough of them.  I’m not sure if it was harder for the kids or for me to leave that wonderland.