Week 2- Amber

This past week (October 1) was the Korean celebration called Chuseok. The simple explanation is that it is like the Korean version of Thanksgiving/harvest festival. All of Korea has a holiday and most of Seoul leaves the city to spend time with their family members in other parts of Korea. As a result Seoul is relatively deserted and there are reportedly CRAZY amounts of traffic on the highways (which can already be pretty crowded on a normal day). One of my Korean friends said that one year they went to visit family and sat in traffic, not moving for seven hours. This year they opted to stay in Seoul. During the celebration, it is traditional to have a portion of the day where they bow down to their deceased ancestors. Some of our Christian Korean friends said that this was often a sore spot in their families as they would decline to bow down to the ancestors which would offend their parents/family members. During Chuseok celebrations the Korean children wear Hanbok, seen in the picture above. Our local elementary school had Chuseok celebrations and many of the children, both Korean and American, chose to dress in this traditional attire. I hope to purchase some for my children to wear to the celebration next year! This photo was taken a few days before Chuseok in one of the local shopping and eating areas. The shop owners commonly display items on the sidewalk for easy browsing.

  • André - Cool photo Amber. On Saturday I found a whole Hanbok market between Myeondong and Dongdaemun. I think we need to recruit a Korean speaking friend to help us get a good deal!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this idea you are doing with your friends! Love love love!! I can’t wait to follow along with you! Wish I had thought to do this in Okinawa!! Guess we all just need to move back so I can do it there with you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gail Fowler - Neat post, Amber. I suggest that you purchase the hanbok in Osan where the prices are considerably more economical. The price I was quoted in the shop was $40, but when I asked for discount the price was lowered. They are beautiful. I sent several sets to the preschool in the department in which I taught before retirement.ReplyCancel