Week 2 – Elizabeth

I had several unsuccessful outings with my fancy camera this week. Last weekend, I returned to Baraksan in the hopes of capturing the rare solitude I experience when I’m on the trails. All my photos, however, just looked like I had taken a shot of the side of the freeway from a moving vehicle. Another time I went out and forgot my camera. Tonight,

with the deadline ominously looming and after the receipt of several “reminder” texts from Amber and Jessica, I took my camera with me to downtown Songtan, which is commonly referred to as simply “the Alley.” My favorite photo of the evening was a shot of the Alley framed by the backs of American-military-police-type people patrolling the downtown area. However, when they turned around and saw me taking photos, they told me that I was violating something or other and demanded that I delete the photos from my camera. In response, I . . . *ahem* . . . passionately questioned their authority to force me to comply with that demand. I may have even demanded to see a warrant. It was not my finest hour. Fortunately, my cool-headed husband intervened and everyone eventually simmered down.

But back to seeing Korea. A little further down, a safe distance away from the Police of Questionable Jurisdiction, I managed to take one (and only one) in-focus shot of the strip of bars, coffee shops, and stalls that line the Alley.


  • Amber - Only mildly irritated that you waited until the last minute to post and you not only have the most interesting photo but the best story….I want to see the photo of the military guys. Bring your camera when you come up!ReplyCancel