Week 21 – Elizabeth

This week marked our return to Korea after a five-week hiatus. Despite the godforsaken ice all over the place, I was delighted to discover it was at least 20 degrees warmer than when we left. I was also delighted to discover that . . . I kind of missed the place.

This week also marked the last week before our annual passes to Everland expire. Unlike Jessica (who apparently had some sort of childhood trauma associated with theme parks), I am an amusement park . . . enthusiast, to put it mildly. Everland, in particular, is a special kind of wonderful because of its high degree of (unintentional) campiness and because we always go on American holidays when the park is absolutely deserted and there are no lines! For anything! It’s unreal!

One of my kids’ favorite attractions at Everland is the Korean knock-off version of Disneyland’s It’s A Small World. Everland calls it “Global Village,” but it’s the same international-crazy-doll-singing indoor boat ride. However, in Korea’s version, the ride is replete with super creepy dolls and gross stereotypes that would probably spark a civil rights action in the States. (For instance, the lone African country represented is Kenya, which is depicted by a jungle filled with smiling, naked black dolls throwing spears at the boat passengers.) Although there are many, many scenes to choose from in the never-ending nautical journey of absurdity, my very favorite is the United States segment, in which Chucky-Doll-esque cheerleaders and cowboy-mounted buffaloes cheerily greet passengers from beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Grandma Rita - What a great depiction of America. Go USA!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - That’s it. We’re going. Chucky won me over. At the very least it will give my children some good trauma to deal with later.ReplyCancel

  • Audra - Why, that’s the America *I* dream of, too!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - Ha ha ha! I love your description!ReplyCancel