Week 22 – Jessica

We love wandering through Namdaemun.  Things are constantly changing, whether it be the merchandise or the merchants themselves.  There is so much there that it actually took me several months before realizing there were buildings there as well as stalls and carts.  There was just so much to take in and it was so overwhelming (in a good way!), that I hadn’t noticed!  Just a month or so ago, I started exploring the area of the market where vendors sell groceries.  As we walked along on this particular day, we saw a man cleaning cuttlefish.  The kids were fascinated, so we stopped to watch.  The man seemed to get a kick out of it.  He was a good sport about being stared at and having his photo taken.  I didn’t realize that cuttlefish eat fish whole.  When he would cut a cuttlefish open there would usually be two fish inside, one partially digested and one whole.  This particular cuttlefish, he cleaned, popped it into a bag, and handed to my son.  Our very own cuttlefish.  Thanks to Google we managed to cook it and eat it.  We’re getting quite the education here in Korea.

  • Kelly - Oh my gosh. Look at that smile! I love that he gave you the cuttlefish. What did your son do when he got it?

    I’ve only gone to Namdaemun a handful of times, but each trip I’m like, “Oh my gosh…look at this WHOLE section I’ve never seen before!”

    I think I need to have another exploratory adventure out there soon.ReplyCancel