Week 23 – Jessica

This week we hiked part of the wall that used to surround Seoul.  There were 8 gates in the wall, four large gates and four smaller ones.  We hiked from Hyehwamun, one of the smaller gates, to Honginjimun (also called Dongdaemun) a major gate.  We walked up Mt Naksan and through Naksan Park.

After the Korean War, little villages sprung up along the wall.  They were called “moon villages” because they were higher up on the mountain and had a good view of the moon rising apparently.  They seem hastily built and are quite rundown, although that’s not a terribly unusual characteristic of the city.  One of these villages started an mural project.  As you walk along you see murals randomly painted on the walls and stairs.  It’s so nice to see these little spots of happiness in this part of the city, especially on a dreary day.

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