Week 26- Amber

Please excuse the blurry, not-so-great iphone photo this week! Sometimes you get what you get with this project! I just returned home from a Life Changing Trip and am slowly rejoining the (new) real world. Jessica took me to her favorite spicy food place in Seoul. Or what she calls Liquid Fire Ramen. And when Miss “I LOVE spicy food” says it’s liquid fire, watch out! I opted for the not so spicy ramen as I enjoy eating my meal while not in pain (and I also would like to keep my stomach and esophagus). Not So Spicy Ramen was still enough to make my nose run (I’m weak!), but MAN was it good! It was also great to be back out, experiencing Korea, again!

  • Grandma Rita - Jessica took us to this place last time we visited. You made a good choice not to get the firey ramen. By the time Grandpa Paul was done the sweat was dripping off of his poor bald head!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - I love the lady in the foreground. She is looking seriously regretful about her own meal option.ReplyCancel

  • Year Two, Week Seventeen – Jessica » How We See Korea - […] happened to pick the right one, that’s for sure.  It was covered in notes like my favorite ramen shop, but the notes were all colorful.  Other than the notes, the café was decorated in vintage small […]ReplyCancel