Week 26 – Elizabeth

So what does one do when one’s toddler snaps the little copper prong thingy that connects one’s decades-old electric keyboard to its power source? Well, first, one spends an entire weekend walking around Songtan, unsuccessfully looking for a Radio Shack equivalent. Then one begins following unsuccessful leads from strangers (as it turns out, Hi-Mart sells a lot of rice cookers and fancy electric toilet seats. It also gives free kettle corn to kids. But, unfortunately, no random copper prong thingies).  When all else fails, one then heads up to Seoul to a mystical place known as The Electronics Market.

One of the many windowless bunker-esque buildings in the market contained four floors crammed floor-to-ceiling with computer parts. It was like an episode of hoarders and also remarkably similar to how our garage looked in the States. Computer chassis lined the walkways and power cords were suspended from ceilings. Motherboards littered the glass display cases of the individual vendors’ tiny stalls. The market was essentially my e-geeky husband’s dream-come-true and my own personal nightmare. Conversations with various vendors eventually led us to a Hangul-speaking Yoda in the back of the second floor, who had both the parts and necessary tools to repair the contents of the ziplock baggie we handed him. I wanted to post a photo of him welding our . . . thingy [Husband: “you mean the adapter to the motherboard?” Me: “Ummm. Yeah.”], but my husband was hovering over him in deep admiration and his presence knocked the image beyond the blog rules that I so strictly adhere to each and every week.

  • Grandma Rita - I am so impressed that you were able to negotiate this. I would have thrown it away and bought a new one! Way to go.ReplyCancel

  • Amber - You seem to be following blog rules better than I have been these days! 🙂 I did get told by Jessica that I “had” to use the hospital photo…even though it breaks 2 rules! And really, how can I go against something she says?!ReplyCancel