Week 27- Amber

This week I saw little more than the walls of this hospital room as I took care of my littlest one. She went in for testing and all turned out well, thankfully. I never

thought I’d get to experience this aspect of Korea- the hospital. I don’t have much experience with hospitalizations and what to expect, but this one seemed to go very well. The doctors and nurses were all very attentive and helpful. I couldn’t believe how many people spoke English, nor the fluency with which they spoke. They sent a person to escort me and my child to each appointment or procedure and back. There were a few confusing instances…like when I was told I would need to buy my own supplies to change her wound dressing. And then I was told that I just needed to go to the basement of the hospital and buy them and the nurses would show me how to use them…Huh? So I went to the basement. And sure enough there was a tiny supply store jam packed with products. For having to be cooped up in a really hot (please can you turn down the heat? No you can’t?) hospital room, there were some silver linings to the experience- an amazing view of Seoul, great natural light coming in from the window to take photos in, and the discovery (albeit the last night) of the amazing desserts at the coffee shop downstairs, and most importantly a healthy child.

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