Week 27 – Elizabeth

In my experience, all trails along bodies of water have their own personalities. Along the San Francisco Bay, one must take care to avoid tripping over one of the bajillion unleashed labradoodles who hedonistically race ahead of their oblivious owners/hired dogwalkers. On the paths bordering the San Antonio Riverwalk, one must avoid the drunken revelers and omnipresent film crews. Meanwhile, the trails along the Potomac are gorgeous, but totally isolated and creepy.

Since I first laid eyes on the trail bordering the Han River, I have been itching to run along it. The well-maintained path stretches for miles, and is bordered by cheap parking, restrooms, and large play areas. Recently, on one of those rare beautiful early spring afternoons (i.e., when the winds were calm as opposed to gale-strength), Jessica and I met at the path so I could run, our kids could bike, and she could . . . actually, I’m not sure what she did exactly. I quickly discovered that the Han path definitely has its own unique personality in the sense that it is frequented primarily by adorable Korean dating couples. Hoards of them. In a mere three miles, I literally passed hundreds, if not thousands, of black-clad 20-somethings strolling arm-in-arm along the path, gazing attentively at each other in amused adoration. Scores of them were even carrying small dogs in their arms.