Week 27 – Jessica

This week I got the opportunity to go to my happy place with a friend who had not been there before … a friend who might even love to pet fabric as much as I do. Whoa. She might not have the fabric stash that I do, but we’ll work on that. She’s only lived here a few months after all. Off we went to Dongdaemun and into the fabric market we went. The fabric market holds more fabric than 1,000 Grueber’s (previously my favorite fabric shop) and more craft supplies than 100 Micheal’s. It’s all cheap too. Zippers are 10 cents. TEN CENTS! One of my favorite things about Dongdaemun is that you never know what you’ll stumble across. On this particular day we found felt. Tons of it. Isn’t it beautiful?!

  • Grandma Rita - I can’t wait to go there. I want to pet fabric.ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Very beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Yes, I think I might need a fabric stash to pet. Thank you for taking me to your happy place 🙂ReplyCancel