Week 28 – Elizabeth

Since having moved here, I have been continually impressed by the Korean response to poor weather. Having been born and raised in California, I have always been a little picky about my weather, more than willing to cancel my plans in the face of strong winds or forecasted storms. This is not true here, probably because one is plagued by inclement weather nearly all the time except for three glorious weeks in the springtime and a month or so in the fall.

For example, last weekend we planned to attend the annual Strawberry Festival in Nonsan. Unfortunately, a huge rainstorm arrived on Saturday, dumping several inches of rain across the peninsula in a relatively short period of time. After checking the website to make sure the outdoor event wasn’t cancelled, we headed down to Nonsan on Sunday morning. Even though the parking lot had been washed away by the rains and a chilly wind blew in 20mph gusts, the large crowd seemed totally unaffected by the weather. Indeed, I even saw several women brazenly tramping through the muddy festival grounds in heels.

  • Amber - Ah the heels. Is there any weather or situation where Korean women don’t wear heels?ReplyCancel