Week 39 – Jessica

This week we checked “go to a Korean baseball game” off of our Korea bucket list.  We watched the LG Twins cream the Nexen Heros 9-0.  Baseball may be America’s favorite past time, but we could learn a few things from the Koreans.

  1. Koreans REALLY get into the games.  The crowd is roaring (and/or singing) the entire time.  Each player has their own song and the fans sing out their support for each batter.
  2. There is a man who walks around with a keg backpack, ready to pour you a draft beer for a mere 3,000 won.  ‘Nuf said!
  3. You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink.  We had a lovely picnic of pretzel rolls with tomatoes, provolone, and basil along with homemade margaritas (blessings be upon my husband for that idea!!).  If you want to buy food there, it’s reasonably priced.  You can get everything from fried chicken and fresh potato chips to 1,853,395 varieties of squid.  I have to say, the squid I tried was really pretty delicious.
  4. The people sitting around us were so kind.  Instead of rolling their eyes that they had to sit by kids, they engaged them and fed them chocolate and cheese puffs throughout the game.  A couple even gave one of the kids their thunder sticks.  There are two amazing things about this.  #1:  The kindness of strangers.  #2: In Korea you can let your children talk to strangers, take treats from them, etc without fearing for their safety.  We’re going to have to have a serious talk with the kids about this when we move back to the US!
  5. The crowd stays for the entire game.  After the last out, most of the crowd was still there.  They actually had to start turning out the lights to get people to leave.  It was just a nice feeling and, I think, a neat way for the fans to show their support.
  6. Cheerleaders.  Okay, I’m not really so into this one, but we got a good laugh!
  • Amber - Great summary! I love Korean baseball! You tried the squid? How did I miss that?! Also I want more of your pretzels. AMAZING!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I love American baseball, but you really make me feel like I’m missing out on something here! So glad my nieces and nephew are getting to do all these cool things!!! Oh yes, of course, my brother and sister-in-law too! Love you all and miss you.ReplyCancel

  • Philip Cok - I guess we should have put this on our “bucket list” when we were there. But hey, I don’t go to US baseball games – maybe the Koreans have a better baseball business plan.ReplyCancel

  • Renee Cummins - I am a non-military spouse living in Seoul for a few years. My husband works for Shell and supervises the construction of Shell vessels in the South Korean shipyards. I came across your site and love the photos! My husband demanded that I give up my 25 year old film camera a few months ago and bought me a NIKON D800 for my birthday. Your photos are inspiring me to learn to use my camera – and the stories are soooooo Korea! Love the baseball game story – we love the Doosan Bears! You guys have some interesting adventures and places I haven’t been. Are all of you in Pyeongtaek? We are in Seoul. We love Korea!ReplyCancel