Week 3 – Elizabeth

Last weekend, Amber, Jessica, and I ran the Energizer 10K in Seoul. It was an  . . .  interesting race. Thirty thousand runners, walkers, and committed meanderers literally crammed themselves onto the paths bordering the Han River near World Cup Stadium. Almost everyone (including Amber, because we made her) was wearing the official black race shirt. For six miles, I jostled, tripped over, and collided with other runners, spectators (also standing on the course), spectators of an unrelated fireworks festival (also standing on the course) and even cars (driving through the course) in the pitch darkness. It is probably the most memorable race I will ever run.

My favorite part of every race is when everyone lines up at the start line with a common purpose: finishing the race. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 50-person race in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona, or the most chaotic public event ever in Seoul, South Korea. I get a little emotional every time.