Week 30 – Jessica

Until I moved to Seoul, I thought people in DC and the surrounding area were crazy about cherry blossoms.  Not to take anything away from the beauty around the Jefferson Memorial, but the people of Korea make DC’s cherry blossom time seem tame.  Combine cherry blossom insanity with a general love of a good festival and you have a cherry blossom festival anywhere one of these trees happens to be blooming.  Actually, they don’t even have to be blooming.  Last year I had a cherry blossom festival experience that was great aside from the lack of any actual blossoms.

Sunday evening, we took a walk around Seokchon Lake.  The trees were gorgeous.  Someone handed a little branch of blossoms to my daughter.  When she was done being entertained by them, it was my turn.  Cherry blossoms + cool pagoda + golden evening light = happy photographer.

Side note:  We made it to week 30!  That seems like a huge milestone even though being 57.69% done with something doesn’t seem all that momentous.

  • Grandma Rita - You are 1/2 through, that is momentous in my book!ReplyCancel