Week 32- Amber

Yes. This is a picture of a toilet paper dispenser. With a toilet paper roll. An EMPTY toilet paper roll. That is how they are (it feels like) 90% of the time I sit to do my business in a public restroom.

But of course I don’t realize it until…after. A fellow American said that he has come to think of TP as a privilege in this country, not a right. It seems as though he might be correct. Part of the problem is that in many Korean public restrooms the TP rolls are on the outside of the stalls…near where the paper towels might be. So one has to remember to grab some before entering into the stalls. And apparently my mind is not capable of remembering this. So there you have it. When you are in Korea, bring your own TP with you always. And if you have lived here for 8 months and STILL can’t remember to do this (ahem, self) well, you are going to have to live with the consequences. Oh, and another note on TP in Korea. If you are lucky enough to remember to bring some with you into the stall, or if you are lucky enough to find a stall stocked with a full roll, after wiping you are supposed to throw the used TP into the trash can next to the toilet. Not into the toilet. Another thing I can never remember to do. Now you know all you never wanted to know about TP in Korea.

  • Trish - I feel your pain…this has happened to me far too many times.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - I cannot focus on anything other than hoping you thoroughly sanitized your camera after taking this picture.ReplyCancel