Week 34- Amber

We made it to the lantern parade this past weekend, which was held in honor of Buddha’s Birthday which falls on May 17. I knew that Buddhism was one of the religions practiced by Koreans, but I had no idea the extent to which it is practiced. There were Buddhist monks throughout the entire parade, including these and many other women.

  • Pete - Nice shot. No big water fights? In Thailand it is usually a wet celebration.ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Rita - While Buddha isn’t my cup o’tea, I sure wish I could have the freedom of that hairdo!ReplyCancel

  • Year Two, Week Five—Amber » How We See Korea - […] we have been featured on the radio, our children occasionally model, we get front row seats at parades, and we have even gotten invited to dinners with US dignitaries and the Korean president. I think […]ReplyCancel