Week 34 – Jessica

If you are in Korea and not Korean, get ready to have your photo taken.  If you are a white skinned, blonde haired child, be prepared to be stalked by a herd of cameras almost any time you leave your apartment.  If you are a Korean taking my child’s photo, be prepared to have your photo taken as well!  We went to the Lantern Festival last weekend.  At the parade we sat in the section for foreigners.  It’s fabulous because it was a reserved area (no fighting the crowds for a spot on the curb) and because we got real seats.  Sweet!  The kids seem to have paid our admission to this coveted area in photos.

  • Amber - I love it! This was going to be my photo too this week (well, not him- a different kid photographer. There were so many!) Your photo is much better. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - When Teresa, Erin and I headed out to the lantern festival I jokingly said, “Maybe we will run into someone we know” Not likely among the thousands! I followed it up saying that there were many times in NYC I would run into people I knew in Times Square. Then we ran into you guys that night! So funny! I love all of your photos on this blog and I love reading all of the stories behind them!ReplyCancel

  • Lori Ford - I love the pictures, you ladies do a wonderful job of displaying Korea for those of us not there “yet”. However, when I lived in Oki and visitd Korea my children (rich mahogany complexions with big fluffy afros) were also stalked and photographed liked celebrities. I’m still waiting to see them on a billboard;-)!ReplyCancel

  • Pete - When we were on Okinawa ’78 – ’81, our kids were real “cotton tops” and would try to hide below the windows in out van. I could always find them when we were out shopping by looking for the little crowd that always seemed to follow them.ReplyCancel