Week 36 — Amber

For some reason Seoul Tower has been designated as a place of “love”. You can send love letters from the mailbox at the top of the tower, there are benches that are slanted like a V in the middle so you will slide toward your love in the middle , and there are many different areas where you can profess the everlasting nature of your love by “locking” it eternally. There are a few trees made of metal that are covered in locks and metal railings coated with them as well. I personally think it was just a brilliant marketing strategy by

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the Seoul Tower gift shop to ensure big business in lock sales each day. 🙂


  • Paul - For the vow of love to be considered authentic, is it required that you buy a lock from that store? If I were to bring a lock from home, would that sully my profession? Next time I’m there I’ll ask the Korean shop owner!!!!ReplyCancel