Week 37 – Elizabeth

This week, my photo combines two things I love about Korea: the HomePlus household goods section and Koreas’ odd cultural interest in blood type. HomePlus is sort of like a Korean version of Target, without the $1.50 popcorn/drink combo but with the stellar addition of a nominally-priced supervised children’s play area where one can check-in one’s kids for the duration of one’s shopping adventure. Additionally, HomePlus has a fabulous bento section filled with all sorts of odd-themed containers and tiny dishes. I’m not exactly sure why this section appeals to me so much, but it does so greatly. While browsing the section this week, I came across the following coffee mug.

There was, of course, a matching “A” and “B” mug. Interestingly, Korean Blood Type Love does not appear to extend to RH factor.

  • Amber - I love this cup so much. Can we still be friends if I haven’t been to Home Goods yet? Maybe I’d better not get sucked into Bento again!ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Rita - I have a cup with Pope John Paul II on it. It says Xtreme Papa. Nothing quite like having coffee with the pope in the morning.ReplyCancel