Week 38 —Amber

After hitting the flower market, we pressed on with our gigantic group for a picnic in Citizen’s Park. We came upon this “fairly common for Korea” sight. A man sleeping the day away on one of the picnic pavilions. Wherever you go in a public place it seems like you can find people (usually only men) sleeping without a care in the world. The other day there was a man sleeping on the bench outside the public hospital, using his shoes as a pillow. In the US this “public sleeping” phenomenon seems contained to college campus lawns, beaches, cars, and homeless people. In Korea it seems less restrictive. Anywhere is acceptable, though it usually seems like 50 year old men who are the most comfortable napping in public. A couple of hours later we passed the same spot and the man was still sleeping, though he had moved over a little bit and there was another man unphased by the sleeper and enjoying his picnic lunch on another corner of the pavilion.

  • Jessica - He’s shaded by the pavilion and by his umbrella. Double shade. It’s like doubling your SPF. 😉ReplyCancel