Week 41—Amber

Somehow we have managed to live in Korea for nearly a year without visiting the Noryangjin Fish Market. This giant warehouse was filled with every kind of seafood imaginable, living and dead. It was fascinating to see, and I imagine even more fascinating in the wee hours of the morning when the auction is occurring. We decided to go to the market for dinner one evening. We shopped these aisles and then brought our purchases (shrimp and flounder that was killed, cleaned, and sashimied while we waited) to a restaurant on the second floor . Our fish bones and skin were made into a soup, shrimp was cooked, and we were given the fixin’s to eat our sashimi Korean style- wrapped in a lettuce leaf with raw garlic slices and soybean paste. It was all delicious! Even our kids loved it!

  • Grandma Rita - Sounds a bit scary. But very fresh!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - Also in this post … is it his purse or his wife’s? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.ReplyCancel

  • Opa - Would have like to have tried this when we were there. But, alas, you can only cram in so much when you only have two weeks and trains to play with 3 yr olds, books to read with 6 yr olds and facts to look up with 7 yr olds and new games to play with new friends. 🙂

    PS: Jessica, I was TOLD when we were visiting, that in Korea it was manly (aka: OK) to hold your wife’s purse in public. I was never quite sure if Amber was pulling my leg or not, but I guess this photo proves it.ReplyCancel

  • Philip - Did the lady at the far left not like the smell of the market or had she heard someone coughing? Its not like you can catch the avian flu in a fish market.ReplyCancel