Week 45 – Cindy

On the first sunny day to grace Seoul in weeks, we headed outdoors for an adventure to Children’s Grand Park. A lovely patch of green boasting a zoo, water play area, amusement rides, and The Children’s Museum, this place is a jackpot for any kid (and easy on the wallet, since many attractions are free). Where else can you ride a camel, watch a polar bear laze in the sun, squirt water guns with careless abandon, feed a goat, and grab some ice-cold delicious patbingsu?

One of our favorite spots of the day happened to be the “Parrot Village” which is home to countless colorful and delightful parakeets. Armed with a handful of bird seed, these avian

friends landed on our hands three or four at a time to peck at the treasures we held. And when they’d cleaned us out, off they flew to rest with friends on a bare branch. And as happens so often here in Korea, lovely and generous people kept my daughter’s hand filled with bird seed so the fun could continue.