Week 48 – Jessica

When we moved to Korea 19 months ago, I knew two things.  1:  We’d most likely be living in a tiny apartment.  2:  The token jar of kimchi in the produce section of the grocery store was something I would never buy.  You’d think that moving around the world with 3 small children wouldn’t be such a great idea when you know only that you’ll be cramped for the next 3+ years and that the food seems questionable.  The way it worked out, it was probably better this way.  We had open minds because we had to!  The funny thing is that the apartment we live in is larger than the house we own in Maryland and I LOVE me some kimchi.

The Korea Tourism Organization has so kindly put on their website that kimchi originated sometime in the 7th century as a salted vegetable.  Koreans needed a way to keep some veggies around for winter.  Practical, right?  In the 12th century they started adding a variety of spices, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that the iconic red hot pepper made it into the mix.  There seem to be as many varieties of kimchi as there are people who make it.  One of our favorites is baek (white) kimchi.  I kind of doubt we’ll ever own a kimchi refrigerator, but we have added going to the Kimchi Museum to our Korea bucket list.

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