Week 5- Amber

While walking through the grounds of the Korean War Museum, my family and I stumbled upon this traditional Korean wedding in progress. At first I thought it might be a demonstration (some of the folk villages have demonstrations), but the number of guests dressed in suits and dresses quickly convinced me otherwise. I was told by another spectator that traditional weddings aren’t done much anymore. They are very expensive. Most have more Western style weddings. Either the very rich or foreigners are the ones who typically have a traditional Korean wedding. This ceremony appeared to be for a wealthy Korean family. I was amazed at all of the details that went into it. Carts to carry the bride and groom, traditional dress for each person in the wedding, furniture, fabric draped over the ceremony, etc. I wished I could have watched it all day. In this picture you can see the bride, dressed in red, kneeling and assisted by her attendants in the act of kneeling. Her groom is on the other side of the table, also kneeling and aided by attendants. There are even specific people to hold umbrellas over the bride and groom. You can see the bride’s blue umbrella a little bit in this picture.