Week 52—Amber


Living in Korea brings about many unexpected adventures. This weekend we set out to eat at a fish restaurant near our house that had received rave reviews. Unfortunately it was closed due to Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). After some cryptic communication between me and a restaurant owner nearby we figured out that he too served fish so we decided to try it. As our (large for Korea) family piled out of our van and into the restaurant, the owner and his patrons were surprised and we attracted a lot of attention (which is quite normal- think mini celebrities. American! Many kids! Multiracial family! Cute baby! MUST STARE AND TAKE PHOTOS!). One man (not pictured) was so excited to see us (and inebriated) that he gave the restaurant owner the equivalent of $10 toward our lunch. We had a delicious meal of fish and many many side dishes. At the table next to us was this group of men who looked like they had walked straight out of the seventies. They were less impressed with our family than the inebriated man, and after their initial conversations where they talked to each other while looking at us and gesturing, they seemed satisfied with their assessment of our family and returned to their bowls full of rice wine. Thank you Korea for another fabulous meal and adventure!

Week 52! This has been such a FUN project and I can’t wait to continue on!