Week 52 – Jessica

When we first moved to South Korea, I had absolutely no ear for the traditional music here.  It grated on me and made me want to hide with a pillow over my head.  Twenty months later, as I’ve been to more and more events where I hear this music, the sounds have actually become almost appealing.  Almost.  At least you won’t find me hiding under the table at the Hyatt or the Shila.  There are still times, however, when I hear a sound and think it’s a cat dying only to find out that a very sweet lady is practicing her instrument.  Oops!

Our one year project is complete.  We made it!  It’s been incredibly gratifying.  I’m so thankful for the ladies who have walked through this year with me.  This project has been so much fun that we’re going to do another year.  We’ll be together until Amber leaves Korea next summer.  We’ll be looking for another person to join us then.  For the start of our new year, we’re welcoming some guest bloggers.  Our first guest blogger, Maria from Craft Crazy Mom, will be joining us next week!

  • Paul - I have loved this, Jessi. And I’m always willing to be a guest blogger although, in reality, I would have nothing to offer. LOVE YOU!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Maria @ Craft Crazy Mom - I love the composition of this photo! Thanks for letting me share next week. Excited!ReplyCancel

  • Jungmi - I have had same feeling about the Korean traditional music with you!!! I still need a pillow though!! Great photo!ReplyCancel