Week 7(-Ish) – Elizabeth

Better late than never, right? We were supposed to be on a trip to Daegu yesterday and today, but the military intervened in its usual way. So then we planned a daytrip today to Jeonju for a taste of the city’s renowned bibimbap, but heavy traffic on the 1 intervened in its usual way. After sitting in the wasteland of idle cars with their heavily-tinted windows for what seemed like hours, my husband saw the exit for Cheonan and made the split decision to head for a Cheonan Independence Hall, a museum complex he visited last fall.

I was a little reluctant at first, given my dreams of bibimbap grandeur and the fact that, once we arrived, the freaking WIND was blowing so fiercely that it knocked my commissary sushi rolls right off their bench perch and onto the dirt below. It was devastating, even absent my longstanding antipathy for wind. But once we started walking around, I began to share his esteem for the place. The sprawling grounds are SO fun. We kicked a soccer ball around with some kids, admired well-dressed dogs, climbed giant rocks, spied on all the young Korean couples, raced up stairs, and shared oranges with new friends.

  • Jessica - I’m sorry for your travel troubles, but the cool photo kind of makes up for it. We might have to give you a special due date though.ReplyCancel

  • Amber - So glad your day turned out well despite the rough start. The flags are beautiful!ReplyCancel