Week 9 – Jessica

I happened to come across the blog Stuff Dutch People Like a few yeas ago.  After 13 years of marriage to a Dutchman, I can say that website is hilariously accurate on most counts.  There are many variations on this blog idea for the Korean people, so I’ll leave you to Google that and not attempt my own.  If I were to make my own list, however, coffee would have to come in toward the top of the list.    Koreans live up to our Asian stereotypes and enjoy their tea, but coffee is more popular than I would ever have imagined.  The song “Gangham Style” even points out coffee as a Korean status symbol.  While we may shake our heads at the Starbucks on every corner in the US, there are no less than 10 coffee shops within one block of our apartment and apparently over 12,000 in Korea.  While Starbucks is popular here, Hollys was Korea’s first coffee franchise and now has more locations than 200 locations around the world.  I’ve even seen a four level Hollys.  Despite their confusing lack of apostrophe usage, they do make a great cup of coffee.

  • Amber - Mmmm. Reason number 3000 why I love this city so stinkin much. COFFEE!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - I love how you blur the background like that. What is that called?ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - Is the coffee different than in the US? Are there any Hollys’ in the US?ReplyCancel