Year 2, Week 2 – Cindy


Korea continues to surprise me. And this week, it was in the form of getting to meet a piece of Americana here in Seoul.

I would learn that Weston Noble is kind of legendary (and as precious of a person as they come). Not only is he a world renowned choral conductor (as in he’s conducted at the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Bolshoi in Moscow, and numerous other world venues), he’s also a plucky World War II veteran. A tank driver, Mr. Noble saw action at the Battle of the Bulge, the thrust into Germany, and was the first American soldier to find Hitler’s office. If you google him, his life story is on youtube (and it’s a pretty fantastic life he’s had).

A spry 91, Mr. Noble traveled from Iowa to Seoul last month to lead the Korean National Choir, but suffered a fall that landed him in a local hospital. It was here I had the chance to meet this amazing, kind man with eyes that sparkle.

My family and I responded to a message from our church seeking people to visit with him in the hospital. Realizing this was someone thousands of miles from home with no family near, we were glad to go. Only I can tell you, we were the ones blessed by our visits. Even now, with broken bones on a continent far from home, when you ask him about music, his every fiber lights up with joy. And when he tells stories from the war, you can’t help but be transported to a time that really was of the greatest generation.

So while he’s mended up enough to head back home to the heart of America, I’m sure Seoul has left a little imprint on him, as I know he has on Seoul.


  • Amber - This. Is. So. Incredible. You captured so much in his photo. And his eyes! Sigh. Amazing amazing photo.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Thanks Amber! I can’t tell you how amazing this man is. He just shines joy! Can’t mess the photo up with somebody like that 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - This story and picture are amazing! His personality really shines here. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll keep Mr. Noble in my thoughts & prayers!ReplyCancel

  • Trisha - This brought tears to my eyes!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Hoesing - This is a beautiful picture and lovely words; they capture Mr. Noble’s spirit perfectly. He has been a blessing to so many. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and this image. Ryan Goessl posted this link and it was a pleasure to find your blog upon waking today. Thanks again for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Arlene - Wonderful tribute – thanks.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Singing in the Messiah at Luther College under his direction is one of the most amazing experiences I have had! Many times, with those sparkling eyes closed and hands folded in prayer moving ever so slightly. I could not keep the goose bumps away, nor the tears from flowing down my cheeks. Truly an amazing man who showed many students the love of music and a love for The Lord!ReplyCancel

    • Cindy - What beautiful comments from you all! Thank you for sharing your experiences and how Mr. Noble has touched you in so many ways. I can only imagine what it must be like to sing under his direction!ReplyCancel

  • Jacob - what a fantastic picture of such a remarkable person. Weston is truly a blessing upon any who meet him. thanks for taking time from your days to share his company.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Tweed - Mu husband and I have been blessed and privileged to know and play (he also conducted the Luther Band for 25 years!) under this man’s tulage. He has guided my life as a music educator since 1952 and I know how blessed you feel to have touched his life. Thank you for visiting him and adding him to your great experiences!ReplyCancel