Year Three, Week Eight – Leah


“Top Class Plastic Surgery.” This is something that becomes easy to look at and gloss over with just the raise of an eyebrow, after seeing it as much as we do here. But I want it to continue to draw me into pondering whats going on in people’s hearts, and into remembering were real lasting joy is found!

Also.. the raised bumps in a line and then a ninety degree turn, on the ground, are for the blind. So cool! They’re everywhere. -Sidewalks outside, in the train stations as shown here… really everywhere you go.

  • Dina Farmer - It’s amazing to me! I didn’t know how much surgery went on over there until I came back from my visit. And also how it’s so socially accepted. Will in the states there is a movement to accept your body finally for what it looks like.

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