Year Three, Week Fifteen – Leah


The jimjilbong (spa house) experience is one you must not miss if you ever visit Korea. Many of them have different features to go along with the general features. What I mean by this, is that every jimjilbong has a separate mens and women’s bath area where we get to scrub ourselves, get scrubbed by jimjilbong workers, and doze in pools of varying temperatures, hot and cold. But the rest of the spa house can have many different features… like this one did. While in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, located on the southmost shoreline, we went to SpaLand. They had these outdoor foot-baths where you could put on a spa-provided coat to go out into the frigid air and stick your feet into hot water (nearly boiling in my opinion). Though I wasn’t a fan (mainly because of the cold weather that day), it was pretty awesome.

  • Dina - I kept getting told to visit one of those and I never did. I’m not sure where all the time went.ReplyCancel