Year Three, Week Fifty-One – Jessica

HWSK 3-51As much as our children wish we were, we aren’t big on amusement parks.  None of us have ever been to Disney (never ever ever ever) and the thought of the expense, the heat, and the crowds makes amusement parks the last place we want to be.  But occasionally we cave.  With the weather getting cooler (yay for blue skies), an American holiday (pretty awesome when you work in Korea), and an awesome foreigner discount (seriously!), we headed to Seoul Land.  There were no lines.  None.  Some of the rides, the kids rode without even getting off.  A lot of the time they were the only kids on the whole ride.  It was so quiet, we initially thought none of the rides were going to be operating.  If we walked up to a ride, suddenly operators would appear and the ride would come to life.  It was more or less like having your own personal amusement park.

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