Year Three, Week Four – Jessica


Our family ventured to Nami Island this week.  We had a wonderful time letting the kids run their energy off and seeing the leaves at the very beginning of their fall change.  The thing we took away from our trip though, was how the selfie stick is becoming as prevalent as kimchi at the Korean table.  I’m pretty sure we stood out (more than usual) for our lack of one.  As hilarious as it is to watch people pose, make different expressions, and take photos of themselves every other step, it was an interesting lesson on the narcissistic character of humanity.  Has the selfie stick hit the US or other countries yet?

  • Jennifer - You may need to bring some to the States and start the trend!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - I just love this one!ReplyCancel

  • Jungmi - Finally you guys went to Nami!! Means there’s no sick one? hehe 🙂
    I want to get you that stick!! Will you use that if I get one for you? 😛ReplyCancel