Year Three, Week Four – Leah


This was a small apartment/villa tucked in on a back street somewhere behind mine and Wendy’s house. It reminded me of home so much!
Sorry this is gonna be a tribute to my hometown but… I just gotta! It’s that time of year (the time to miss home).
Minneapolis, MN in the fall is a dream land. The Mississippi River runs right through the city, surround by thousands of trees. It’s lush and crisp and sucks you into exploring adventures. Also along the river are lots of old houses and apartments with beautiful wooden entry ways, overtaking foliage, and bikes parked somewhere in the doorway (the average 20-something hipster’s choice of transportation over there). That is what I immediately thought of when I saw the entry to this place (minus the bars on the window – a super Korean thing)… Oh how I miss you Minneapolis!