Year Three, Week Nine – Jessica


We moved here when my youngest daughter was 4 months old.  We were excited to explore our new city and we did!  It was December and I’m certain every Korean we met thought we were crazy.  We were constantly greeted with choruses of, “you baby COLD!”   Even though Eloise is 3 years old now and we bundle her in layer after layer, we still attract a lot of attention from the older, usually female members of Korean society.  They cluck at her to put her mittens on and they tug at her pant legs to make sure they’re down far enough over her socks.  Sometimes this annoys me a great deal.  After all, we’ll be colder if I stop every 5 feet to put her mittens back on or have to deal with a tantrum over it in the middle of the sidewalk.  I have parented three children and they’ve managed to keep all of their fingers intact and frostbite free.  But other times, I’m able to brush it off as a great sign of a community focused culture who is taking this foreigner into their village.  What strikes me though is how people are so very concerned about my children, but decidedly less concerned about things like using gloves during medical procedures or protecting one’s vision while using power tools.

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