Year Three, Week Seven – Leah


I realized that I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of one of my favorite Korean meals, Chicken and Beer, on the How We See Korea blog yet. Koreans call it Chi-Mek (Chicken and Mekjoo = beer in Korean) and its all the rage, all over the country. We were even able to find it on the island we vacationed to this summer! I had no idea how good simple fried chicken and beer tasted together until moving here. I think its partly so popular because of how loved chicken is even just by itself in Korea. Its the food my students will order and have delivered to the school after class hours, as well as the one thing that I am almost 100% guaranteed will make them start to literally drool when I mention.
On this table you can also see the side dishes. We had corn and some sort of pickled radish, as well as the popcorn beer-snack. Yummmmm.