Year Three, Week Forty – Leah


Seoul is filled with interesting architectural design. This particular structure is an art gallery/river observatory located near my house, on the bank of the Han river. It’s a long, slithery thing that you can climb into from either end and walk all the way through. This somewhat-arial picture makes it look a little smaller than it actually is.
What’s kind of funny is that, for a long time, I didn’t know what was inside and I would ponder rumors I’d heard about it…
One rumor I heard said that there was a swimming pool inside (swimming pools definitely exist in seoul but they aren’t nearly as common as in the states and are sometimes hard to locate). I really wanted there to be and imagined what it was like… until I finally just went inside. Sadly, there was no swimming pool. But there were some cool views of the river.
Over all… its not really that special of a place. But it sure looks cool from the outside!